S1E1 The Rivers Edge 

If you ever told me there would be a teen drama based off of the Archie comics I would have laughed at you.

If you ever told me that I would like- nay- love said comic based teen drama? I would have laughed at you, called you some choice names, and then laughed some more.

That being said, this show was amazing.

Or at least the first episode was.

The show opens with a voiceover by none other than our childhood sweetheart Cole Sprouse, telling us the ‘haps in the small town of Riverdale.

The ‘haps being that kinda creepy Jason Blossom, the rich jock of Riverdale High drowned while out on an innocent boat ride with his equally has creepy twin sister Cheryl.

Now right off the bat there are questions, like:
What teenagers spend their 4th of July on a rowboat, alone, with their sibling? I mean come on, as the sheriff that would have been the first, and probably only red flag I needed to crack the case.

Why does Betty keep going after Archie, when clearly he has zero interest in her? None. Zilch. Nada.

And how in Gods name are Veronica’s eyebrows so perfect? Like Damn, I’d sell my firstborn for eyebrows that nice.

The plotline with Archie and Ms. Grundy was a little creepy, especially when you consider that these kids are only, what, 15?

The episode ends with the discovery of Jason Blossoms body in the river, over a month after his initial disappearance.

How did the entire town manage to get to the river in time to watch the EMTs remove the body from the river? Like sure we live in a world of iPhones and instant communication, but come on, that’s aggressive even for a small town.

Overall 10/10, would recommend.

If you like angst, drama and have some fond memories of the Suite life of Zac and Cody, you’ve gotta check Riverdale out.

If you hate a good mystery with some pretty interesting characters and are freaked out by people with red hair, maybe give the Office a rewatch instead.



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